A work injury lawyer could be needed for any type of job.  The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission was created to help injured workers. No one goes into a job thinking they will get hurt at work. They never think they will need to contact a work injury lawyer for a work accident. Whether your job requires lifting heavy objects or working with heavy equipment, getting hurt at work can happen to anyone at anytime. A work injury can not only involve minor sprains and strains. Injuries can be lifelong with broken bones and lengthy time off work. Attorney Atteberry is ready to be the work injury lawyer fighting for you.  Attorney Atteberry and his staff are here to be your team and work to get you the benefits and treatment you deserve. We are ready to file your claim for Illinois Workers’ Compensation

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There are immediate steps after being hurt at work that an injured worker can take to protect their interests before speaking with a work injury lawyer.

1) If you were hurt at work, report the work accident and any injuries you sustained to your work supervisor immediately. Your supervisor will open a workers’ compensation claim. Failure to notify your supervisor in a timely manner could result in denial of your workers’ compensation claim. 

2) If you are injured from your work accident, seek immediate medical attention.  Timely treatment for your injuries is important and provides documented medical records to substantiate your claim.  Continue to follow up with your treating physician and follow any recommended treatment, surgery, and/or physical therapy recommendations.  It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Make sure to tell the doctor that the injury is a work related.

3) Other than reporting the work accident and injury to your employer, do not make any statements until you have spoken with your medical doctor and a work injury attorney.  A work injury lawyer can give you a value of your case and explain the benefits you are entitled to through Illinois Workers’ Compensation. 

4) If you have been hurt at work Call ATTEBERRY P.C., Law Offices at 217-299-3131 or 217-824-3131 for your FREE WORKERS’ COMPENSATION CONSULTATION with  ATTORNEY ATTEBERRY 


Most frequent questions and answers

What is Workers' Compensation in Illinois?

When there is an employer/employee relationship the employer is required to maintain workers’ compensation insurance to cover their employees in case of a work accident where they were hurt at work. 

How are Illinois Workers' Compensation cases filed?

As of 2022 the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission has been integrated into an online portal. All filings are taking place via the online portal. This makes filing and corresponding with opposing parties more efficient for injured workers. 

How is my Illinois Workers' Compensation determined?

In Illinois, any Worker’s Compensation settlement is determined by the extent of the injuries and wages of the employee at the time of injury. This complex formula was created by Illinois legislature. Contact our office to discuss your claim and get an estimated value of your case based upon current Illinois case law. 

How do I pay for a Workers' Compensation lawyer in Illinois?

By statute, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorneys take cases on a contingency fee basis. No up front hourly fees or retainer are required to take your case.  Any fees and costs are taken out of at the end of any recovery, settlement or judgement received. We do not get any attorney fees unless we win your case! 

How do I pay for my medical bills after a work injury?

For approved workers’ compensation claims, the employer foots the bill for your medical treatment. However, if the case is disputed or been denied, it becomes difficult. Employers can deny a claim and this can push off any treatment you need to get back on your feet and back to work. Hiring a work injury lawyer to fight your case and get the treatment you need is the best option available. Contact our office today in order to find out how we can fight to get you the physical therapy or surgery that has been denied because of a work injury. 

How long does it take for my work injury attorney to get started on my Illinois workers' compensation case?

We get to work right away! Signing up is as easy as meeting with Attorney Atteberry. During the appointment he takes all the information needed in order to get your claim filed right away and notify the employer and any attorneys involved of your workers’ compensation claim. Our office takes advantage of all the safe and secure electronic filing methods available to get your claim information faster.